About the artist

Maybe you, just like me, are someone that would like to capture some of life’s experiences in the palm of your hands, keeping them forever near you and being able to relive them whenever you feel like it.
Not only the good ones, but also the difficult ones because, to appreciate life, you need both I think.
If so, I hope my work appeals to you. 
My way to take hold of life, is by making photographs: Photographs of nature; the place where life starts and ends. Photographs of people and animals, living their life and ending it in an individual yet often universal way.
The main theme of my work is vulnerability. Vulnerability can prevent one from living life fully. I guess that is why it touches me so much.
Looking back, I realise it has been an important theme for me allways, even when I wasn’t an artist yet, but a child, a daughter, a sister, a friend and later a doctor, a mother, an aunt and the owner of a dog.
Using color, focus and movement I invite you to linger a moment with my perception of life, comparing yours with mine, hoping there will be a connection.

Dolores Marat, Rinko Kawauchi, Lieko Shiga, Bertien van Maanen, Cindy Sherman, Todd Hido, Sergio Larrain, Roger Ballen, Franscesca Woodman

Life and work
At the age of eleven I started photographing, but it was not until winning the first price at the dutch National Geographic photography contest, that I became really serious about it.
Nowadays you can find me creating work in my studio, or trying to master printing with ancient techniques like gum, silvergelatine, argyrotypie or cyanotypie. 
Or you can find me outside. Nature is an important source of inspiration for me and an indispensable part of my life.

My ideas about art
In my opinion art is about a lot of different things: To begin with it is about telling a story. A story that is not just individual, but resonates with others because it is a story of life. 
For me, art is about beauty as well. Any kind of beauty will do, but it can not go without.
Art is also about the ability to think beyond boundaries, in order to find an original point of view or to find creative solutions supporting expression.
Skills needed to make the work are an important aspect of appreciation too.
When in a work of art all those aspects are present, I fall in love with it. And for me, in the end, that is what art is about: falling in love.

I am a member of the pop up gallery Nomads of Sehnsucht. We are a group of nine independent photography based artists.  I am very happy to be able to expose my work with this gallery. This enables me to sell my work the way I want, aimed at a public with an independent and adventurous taste. 
A list of past expositions, awards and publications you can find here
My prints are made in small editions of max 10, but seldom more than 5; I want them to retain the personal touch they are ment to have.