Wrapped Too Tight

This is a project about broken trust. About how difficult it is to live and grow when your trust is damaged.

My husband and I adopted two children, at two and a half week and two and a half month old respectively.

We observed their pain. We too felt it to a certain extend.  Gradually we started to realise how big the impact of broken trust is on a child. Often it was very difficult to help. Few psychologists knew enough about this childhood trauma to be able to make a difference.

By making this project I want to shed light on the feelings of a person whose trust is broken. Broken by adoption or by insufficient parenting. Those feelings are hidden, disguised or subconscious. They impair the ability to learn and to become an adult that is emotional stable and  selfconfident. These children tend to be underestimated because of the behaviour resulting from this impairment. This often is the start of a potentially disastrous vicious circle.

Our children are doing fine now. I hope that greater awareness of the consequences of broken trust will make it easier to find adequate help for those who need it.




By clicking on the thumbnail you can see an impression of the fine art book “Te Strak Verpakt”:  Prints, some accompanied by poems published in a small edition of 20. There are still some copies available. If you are interested in buying a copie, please click here.